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Online Conference Management Case Study: Prostate Cancer UK

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Who are Prostate Cancer UK?

Prostate Cancer UK is a leading cancer charity that, for the last 20+years, has invested £37 million into helping men live long and live well with prostate cancer.

Education is at the core of what they do, from funding pioneering research to raising public and political awareness, all with the key focus of improving the care and welfare of those affected by this disease.

Having had mixed experiences with online conference management previously, Prostate Cancer UK were looking for a safe pair of hands to support them with this key event. Based on our extensive experience and reputation for reliability, Prostate Cancer UK invited us to partner with them on this event.

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Delivering vital knowledge to specialists and carers

BeThere Global was delighted to assist with creating the Specialists Conference that took place over 2 days in March 2023.

The key target audience was clinical nurse specialists and allied health professionals but it was also open to anyone caring for men with prostate cancer.

The objective was to provide the latest information on new research and advances in treatment; learnings that attendees could take back to their practice. Crucially, the patient perspective was firmly at the centre of the agenda. Difficult subjects such as sexual function and discussions around end-of-life treatment and death were given prominence, reflecting a dedication to improving the experience of the patient at all stages of treatment.


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Preparing the ground

In order to ensure that the virtual event interface for Prostate Cancer UK’s awareness campaign reflects their powerful brand identity, a bespoke viewer interface was created. The design team prioritized the brand and created a custom Prostate Cancer branded microsite. The interface includes an intuitive viewer interface to watch live stream and on-demand videos, speaker biographies with photos and social media handles, and a dedicated, integrated panel for audience engagement via Q&A and polls.

Speakers perform their best when they are relaxed and confident. However, despite many speakers being accustomed to online meetings, it is important to ensure that they deliver a premium and professional performance during an online conference. To achieve this, as part of our online conference management service, we conducted a rehearsal session prior to the event to ensure that the speakers were comfortable with their technical set up and to address any questions or concerns they may have had, eliminating any potential surprises on the day.

A proportion of the event’s content was pre-recorded, which lessened the pressure on the speakers. We took this approach to provide a flexible and adaptable solution to fit with the busy schedules of health professionals. Each pre-recorded talk was then edited and branded to create a cohesive look for the event.

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Going live

Our online conference management event team provided our usual friendly face to support the all important speakers, while taking care of the technical side using cutting-edge streaming video and audio technologies to deliver powerful content to the audience.

Our audience engagement tools, including Q&A and poll features, allowed attendees to contribute and participate actively in the event, resulting in over 617 poll votes and many questions for the panels. From completing online surveys to fun polls to kick off the day, the audience was able to have their say and celebrate the work they do.

Within hours of the event’s conclusion, edited recordings of individual talks were made available on-demand through the same audience interface, providing efficient and hassle-free access to great content for many months to come.



Our reflections

BeThere Global were delighted at the opportunity to support such an important event as it aligns with one of our core values; helping clients disseminate vital knowledge to make the world a better place. The content delivered at this conference is vital in supporting those helping men live well with Prostate Cancer and we are proud to have been a part of it. By taking place online, it crucially allowed interaction with a large pool of healthcare professionals from all over the UK. A true demonstration of the importance of virtual events.

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