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The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) is the world’s leading professional body that represents plastic surgeons who specialize in aesthetic (cosmetic) and reconstructive plastic surgery. Founded in 1970 ISAPS has three main goals.

First, they aim to educate their members on the latest procedures and techniques in plastic surgery. Second, they strive to provide the public with accurate and unbiased information about plastic surgery. Finally, ISAPS is committed to promoting patient safety by developing and promoting standards of care and advocating for safe practices. By achieving these goals, ISAPS hopes to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care and that the field of plastic surgery continues to advance.

Audience engagement
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Bringing a global community together to meet and learn

Aesthetics is a fast-moving and innovative segment of clinical practice. ISAPS, the representative body for the profession, therefore must be seen to be innovative, cutting edge and delivering value for its global membership.

BeThere Global has worked with ISAPS on virtual events organisation since the onset of COVID-19 in 2020.

We were commissioned to provide the organisation with a rock-solid, universally available and highly scalable platform for monthly courses and masterclasses for e-learning purposes; particularly as Covid had taken face-to-face learning opportunities off the table. We provided the interface and functionality, storage, live streaming and on-demand replay for ISAPS to keep its promises to members, despite the impact of COVID-19.

ISAPS World Congress 2023, Istanbul
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Worldwide hybrid event organisation

As with so many of our clients, our reputation for delivery without compromise meant that in 2021 we were invited to provide services to ISAPS’ prestige annual event, the World Congress. We made it our business to ensure that, even with rapidly changing circumstances caused by the pandemic, the event would go ahead and all attendees would see value. Held across three days in Vienna, we managed the live streaming of multiple conference tracks. Many sessions featured remote contributors as many speakers were prohibited from travelling due to the virus. As a truly global hybrid events agency, we handled the whole process, allowing remote speakers to simultaneously engage with in-person attendees and the audience online.

In 2022 an ISAPS Masterclass, took place in Phuket, Thailand; as a hybrid event. In order to minimise the expense and risk of travel at this time, our virtual events team worked with a local partner in Thailand to implement resilient feeds from the conference venue to our UK studio, and then back out to the world. Indeed, with the threat of COVID, some speakers chose at the last minute not to travel. With little notice, we allowed these speakers to beam in to Phuket, and back out to the ISAPS community online. Even with these challenges, the event was delivered faultlessly.

The ISAPS 2022 World Congress was staged in Istanbul. We provided streaming using the same methodology adopted for Vienna one year earlier, although on this occasion there were no remote speakers as travel restrictions had been lifted.

Looking forward

As a global hybrid events agency, it is our business to ensure that the experience for remote attendees is enjoyable, seamless, and as engaging as for those attending in person. As events increasingly become hybrid by default, our virtual events organisation provides ISAPS with the comfort that all digital aspects of their events will be solved; and with an eye on the horizon, we’ll always be able to advise on what innovations they can offer next.

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50+ and counting

Since April 2020, we have been responsible for more than 50 online and virtual events for ISAPS.

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Rapidly expanding learning resource

The last ISAPS World Congress added another 166 individual lecture recordings to the many thousands already available on demand.

100% remote ability

In March 2022, we masterminded the delivery of a hybrid conference based in Phuket, Thailand to an online global audience, without any of the team leaving their UK desks.

Global Hybrid Events Case Study
Live surgery transmission

ISAPS frequently include real-time surgical demonstrations transmitted from external operating theatres to the conference hall and the online viewers.

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