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ISUOG: 100+ online events successfully delivered

ISUOG delivers education to 140+ countries.
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The International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ISUOG) is a charitable organisation; and the leading international society of experts in ultrasound for the clinical disciplines of obstetrics and gynecology.

ISUOG have a stated mission to improve women’s health through the provision, advancement and dissemination of the highest quality education, standards and research information around ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology.

As an online events company, we have been delivering education to ultrasound professionals around the world on behalf of ISUOG for over a decade.

February 2023, saw us successfully broadcast our 100th ISUOG online event.

A hybrid ISUOG event in Beijing
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Video at the heart of the member experience

Like many membership and representative organisations – particularly charities – ISUOG has a small staff but a very public reputation, a global footprint, and increasing demands for education resources from its members.

BeThereGlobal has been ISUOG’s digital media partner since 2010, when we were originally invited to help the organisation record its educational courses for a global community of obstetrics professionals.

Since then, we have worked as a true partner to ISUOG, putting video at the heart of its member experience. We presented the live-streaming of courses and lectures as an option; it is now a core member benefit – particularly for those less able to travel (and essential during the covid era).

And with all education courses recorded, ISUOG now has a growing library of valuable and appreciated assets which can be re-used and re-formatted as necessary.

We reliably manage the broadcast of ISUOG’s annual three-day professional symposium; from locations around the world; and for the past two years under Covid regulations, 100% virtually. From 2023, we will be facilitating a mix of hybrid and virtual education courses, together with a series of short form webinars.

At the onset of Covid, we ran monthly live-streams to ISUOG members on how to practice effectively; these bulletins regularly exceeded 10,000 live viewers.

In all these areas, we have helped ISUOG leverage technology to bring value to a global membership base, while keeping costs manageable and moving with the times and expectations of an increasingly digital customer.

World Congress in Singapore
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Solution Highlights

Reliability and simplicity are hallmarks of our service. No matter how complex your needs, our job is to let you get on with your professional engagement, while we bring the latest technologies to create a meaningful and memorable experience.

Key to this is the easy-to-use participant interface we have developed, which is intuitive yet highly functional with tools for Q&A and polling to increase engagement and value. We often provide ISUOG with a full registration system and post event engagement metrics reporting.

As a dedicated online events company, our regular scope of work includes a pre-event recording and editing service, live streaming via a super-reliable, HD global live streaming platform and on-demand availability usually within two hours of the event concluding.

The international symposia from global locations offer a mix of hybrid and virtual delivery and we ensure that every attendee receives an enjoyable and enriching experience, whether in the room or online. On certain projects we layer on live translation, where delegates simply select a soundtrack in their language and like many events, ISUOG’s symposia often operate multiple tracks which we record and stream simultaneously.

Our web broadcasts provide global reliability and for a series of COVID-19 virtual eventss we provided stable, high-quality streaming for over 10,000 concurrent participants.

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Results achieved

Global engagement and member value:
ISUOG events are now as accessible to professionals worldwide, without the necessity of travel.

Reduced estates cost:
Instead of using expensive outside venues, for education courses ISUOG now tend to use it’s own premises in West London for in-person attendees and stream live worldwide to a larger audience at lower cost.

Zero hassle, reputation protected:
As an online events company, BeThere Global give ISUOG confidence in the technical aspects of digital video – reliability, bandwidth, hosting, platform choices etc. – to ensure that members always enjoy a first-class experience without the need for an in-house digital department.

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100+ and counting

In February 2023, BeThere Global successfully livestreamed our 100th event for ISUOG.

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We have worked together with ISUOG since 2010.

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Longest live event

An 18-hours duration virtual conference!

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Global reach and scale

ISUOG's 30th anniversary celebration attracted 10,925 registrations in 135 countries with 92% attendance.

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