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Choosing the Right Physical Venue for a Hybrid Event

Choosing the Right Physical Venue for a Hybrid Event

Hybrid event productions, which combine in-person and virtual experiences, are increasingly popular for their ability to offer the personal touch of physical attendance alongside the expansive reach of online participation. However, choosing the right venue for a hybrid event can be challenging. Here are some key factors to consider to ensure your event is successful and engaging for all attendees.

Hybrid Event Productions

1. Accessibility

Physical Accessibility

When selecting a venue for a hybrid event, ensure it is easily accessible to your in-person attendees. Consider its proximity to major transportation hubs like airports, train stations, and highways. Check for ample parking space and accommodation for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, ensure the venue aligns with the nature of your organisation and audience.

Digital Accessibility

For your virtual attendees, ensure the venue of your hybrid event has the necessary infrastructure to support high-quality streaming. Decide how your remote participants will access the event and choose a virtual event production provider, such as BeThere Global, who can create a participant interface that reflects your brand and messages. Consider opportunities for interaction, access control, and engagement measurement.

2. Technology Infrastructure

High-Speed Internet

A robust and reliable internet connection is vital for hybrid events. Ensure the venue offers high-speed WiFi for in-person delegates and a wired connection with ample, stable, and protected bandwidth for live streaming or video conferencing.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Up-to-date audio-visual equipment is essential for delivering a seamless hybrid experience. The venue may provide suitable AV equipment, but it might be necessary to supplement this with cameras, lighting, and sound systems. Ensure you have technical support to manage any issues that arise during the event, with technicians experienced in handling both inbound and outbound audio and video.

Streaming Capabilities

A specialist hybrid event production company is essential for vision mixing and encoding the signal to be webcast to your online viewers, as well as integrating remote speakers into the program.

3. Space and Layout

Hybrid-Ready Layout

A venue suitable for hybrid event productions should offer flexible spaces that can be adapted to your event’s needs. This includes areas for networking, breakout sessions, catering, and exhibitions, as well as a main stage for keynotes and presentations. Ensure the setting is professional and engaging for both in-person and virtual audiences, which may require staging and a branded backdrop. Plan for camera positions with good sight-lines to ensure remote participants have a clear view of the action. A separate “back room” for the technical gallery is an advantage.


Ensure the venue can comfortably accommodate your expected number of in-person attendees. One key advantage of hybrid events is the potential for an unlimited on-line audience.

4. Support Services

Technical Support

On-site technical support is crucial for managing the complexities of hybrid event production. Ensure you have a team of experienced technicians to set up and run the AV equipment, as well as presenting to a global audience.

Catering and Amenities

Quality catering and amenities are important for your in-person attendees. Ensure the venue offers good food and beverage options, comfortable seating, a pleasant environment and additional services to enhance the overall experience.

5. Cost


Hybrid event production can be cost-effective, especially when considering the potential for a larger audience and global reach. However, consider the expenses of the physical venue along with the technology infrastructure and virtual solutions.

Hidden Costs

Be aware of any hidden costs associated with the venue, such as fees for internet usage, audio-visual equipment, technical support, and additional services. Ensure you receive a comprehensive quote that covers all potential expenses.

6. Reviews and References

Venue Reputation

Research the venue’s reputation by reading reviews and seeking references from past clients. This can provide valuable insights into their experience with hosting hybrid events and the quality of their services.

Case Studies

Some venues may offer case studies or examples of previous hybrid events they’ve hosted. Reviewing these can give you a better understanding of their capabilities and what to expect.

Hybrid Event Productions

Choosing the right venue for hybrid event productions involves careful consideration of various factors, from accessibility and technology infrastructure to support services and cost. By selecting a venue that meets your needs, you can create a seamless and engaging experience for both your in-person and virtual attendees. With the right venue, your hybrid event can achieve its goals and leave a lasting impression on all participants, wherever they may be.

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